This policy is to ensure that the Company complies with specific environmental legislative, Government Guidance and regulatory requirements, Network Rail, DLR and LUL requirements, and that best practice is followed where reasonably practicable. This Environmental Policy Statement is applicable to all areas of our business and has been implemented to meet the requirements of the ISO 14001:2015

The promotion of environmental protection is an objective of the Company, employees and sub-contractors. All employees and sub-contractors are conversant with the Company Environmental Policy and the actions required to follow the policy

Regular environmental audits of company activities are carried out, and all endeavours are made to continually improve the environmental performance of the company.

Co-operate with the Communities in which we operate, the Government, regulatory bodies and other interested parties with the shared vision of being a good and trusted neighbour.

As a minimum the company seeks to comply with all current and future relevant health, safety and environmental legislation and other requirement, to which we subscribe, and too continually monitor, review and continuously improve our performance.
We shall ensure that all our employees and others who come under our control have the requirements of our standards and procedures communicated to them and also that we will ensure these requirements are understood. These requirements will be periodically reviewed.

We will review our HQSE performance through appropriate measurement & analysis to support our continual improvement of the Integrated Business Management System (BMS) and our associated business performance.

We will provide adequate resource, time, people and the finance to ensure the sustainability of the BMS. We will continue to strive to prevent injury and ill health to employees and others who are subject to our activities. Detailed analysis will ensure we evaluate root cause of problems and prevent reoccurrence.

To provide our employees with the necessary supervision, instruction, training and information needed to ensure that quality and safe working practices are adhered to, and to develop quality, environmental and safety awareness amongst our employees.

We are committed to prevention of pollution and an improved Environmental performance.

Minimise the environmental impact, for the life cycle; (including disposal), of plant, equipment, and other physical assets under our control

We support the Ethical Trading Code and will not purchase goods or materials from any person/company that does not do so.

Timber and timber based products purchased directly or indirectly only from FSC/PEFC Chain of Custody certified suppliers wherever possible.

Waste will be segregated and recycled at every opportunity, and maintains clean and tidy work sites to ensure minimum inconvenience to clients

Any notifiable or noxious weeds (Giant Hogweed, Ragwort etc.) encountered during the course of work are handled and any waste produced disposed of according to the relevant guidelines and with the consent and / or permission of the relevant body.

Form partnerships with subcontractors and suppliers to ensure excellent overall performance giving client satisfaction.

Promote awareness of environmental issues amongst staff, clients and other interested parties.

Comply with legislation regulations & relevant Codes of Practice, at all times (our compliance obligations)

We have included within our system, measures to control abnormal and emergency situations. It is our aim to also consult and communicate our Policy with our Client’s and their representative’s, our sub-contractors and our suppliers and all persons working for or on behalf of our Company, to promote environmental awareness and to gain their support to meet our objectives. We will select contractors and suppliers and materials that have acceptable environmental standards. All of our employees have been briefed and are fully aware of our Environmental Policy.

This policy shall be reviewed annually

L. Goodacre – Rail Director
Dated 24th Feb 2023