Braybrook Limited as a Building and Construction company hold a Certificate of Registration under the Control of Pollution (Amendment) Act 1989 issued by the Environment Agency.

As a company we recognise the importance of reducing waste within our industry.

The overall aim of this policy statement is to set out our objectives with which the company shall seek to achieve good environmental management and compliance with legislation, codes of practice and procedures and processes where applicable.

This policy statement shall apply to all offices and work sites managed by Braybrook Limited.

Braybrook as a company shall:
Minimise waste in all its forms in all of the company’s activities and make efficient use of natural resources, minimising waste and conserving energy and water.

Wherever practicable, the use of materials from renewable/sustainable sources, recycled or recyclable, materials and components shall be specified.
Encourage liaison with local communities to ensure appropriate use of waste management opportunities and facilities.

Promote awareness and provide training to enable employees to perform their duties in a manner consistent with our Policy objectives.

Seek to ensure that our contractors and major suppliers are aware of and apply waste management standards, compatible with our own.

Take account of waste management considerations when selecting plant and other resources.

The company recognises that good environmental performance is fundamental to a successful business and must be given the full regard by Company Management.

This will be achieved through the implementation of a Waste Management System compliant to both European, National and locally agreed standards,
This policy will be enforced to ensure that the company complies with specific environmental legislative and regulatory requirements and that best practice is followed where reasonably practicable.

This policy shall be reviewed annually via the Management Review Process, or where legislation changes affect the policy requirements.

L. Goodacre – Rail Director
Dated February 2017