Quality Assurance


It is the policy of Braybrook Ltd to provide its customers with a high quality service and to meet contractual specifications and requirements. Where applicable, these services will conform to relevant National and International Standards defined above.

The corporate objective of the company is to achieve long-term profitability by providing the highest possible level of service to our customers.

It is also the policy of the company to ensure that all services are executed throughout in a manner, which sets and maintains a level of quality and service consistent with the requirements and expectations of the customers at all levels of the company.

The company will also strive to continually improve its services and processes to enhance customer satisfaction.

The quality policy is measured and reviewed through the quality objectives which are set and reviewed by the Directors and Managers on a regular basis at Management Reviews.

The implementation of the quality policy is the responsibility of every member of staff, starting with the Managing Director who takes policy decisions, which enable the correct action to be implemented throughout the company.

The Quality Manager acts as Manager Representative and is responsible for maintaining the implementation of the quality policy.

We will ensure the safety of all employees and course delegates through Risk Assessments and course planning.

The Business Management System and the Quality Assurance Procedures in an appropriate level of detail the policies, procedures and operating practices to be followed. It is mandatory that every member of staff must be familiar with the Quality Policy and the detailed procedures and practices which are applicable to their area of work within the company.

A copy of this Quality Policy statement is issued to all employees of the company during their Induction.

The Business Management System has the full support of Senior Management and, together with the supporting Quality Assurance Procedures ensures that activities are controlled in a manner compatible with achieving required service levels and obligations effectively. It is mandatory that all staff adhere to the documented procedures in order to achieve a consistent approach to Quality Assurance.

L. Goodacre – Rail Director
Dated February 2017

  • Principal Contractors Licence Holders
  • Link-up Accredited
  • ISO 9001 Accredited
  • Company Management System incorporating comprehensive
  • Company procedures and standard forms